Advenir acquires and develops multi-family & single-family rental communities that generate superior risk adjusted returns. Our business model is centered on a “preservation of capital” philosophy – driven by strong, stable cash flows with the potential for capital appreciation. We accomplish this by developing and acquiring assets in markets that have exhibited, and are projecting, healthy economies, positive employment growth, and in-migration.



Advenir’s acquisition focus is on Class “A” and “B” value-add & core-plus multi-family assets in MSA that exhibit strong infill dynamics, job-growth and low taxation and practice prudent selectivity through:

  • Exercise a diligent sourcing, screening and underwriting process with <1% of potential acquisitions being selected as Advenir Investments.
  • Implement accretive financing strategies leveraged through our Freddie Mac Select Sponsor recognition.
  • Foster and build upon our long-term relationships with sellers, brokers and vendors that we have established during our 25+ year track record.
  • Champion our established reputation as a trusted buyer and operator in our target markets

Multifamily Development

Advenir leverages 25+ years of experience within the multifamily investment space to identify selective JV partnerships with exceptional multi-family developers to capitalize on superior risk-adjusted returns.

  • Develop in markets that exhibit a pro-growth mentality with affordable living costs.
  • Build to a minimum 20% discount to recent trades within an identified submarket.
  • “Stress Test” rents within a rental competitive set using internally verified data and place strong emphasis on future supply pipeline and demand fundamentals.
  • Mitigate exit risk through a “Right of First Refusal” allowing for an Advenir purchase.

Single-Family Rental Community Development

  • At the end of 2020, Advenir formed LEO Living with the stated purpose of acquiring and developing single-family rental communities. We believe that the Single-Family Rental community will provide superior risk-adjusted returns given consumer demand and changing population demographics.
  • Demographic shifts towards the sunbelt and suburbia (accelerated by COVID-19 and corporate acceptance of a new work from home lifestyle) have resulted in above market rent growth and occupancies.
  • Key target demographics of both Millennials and Baby Boomers (two largest generations in terms of total population in the US) will lead to outsized growth in demand.
  • Un-Institutionalized market (less than 2% of Single-Family Rental owners own over 100 units) provides significant greenspace for Advenir to execute.
  • Inaccessible housing market has redefined the American Dream of home ownership and will lead to a new normal of renting rather than owning.
  • Advenir will leverage its operational, underwriting and development expertise to maximize value by selecting superior located development sites, with high-barriers to entry that are conducive to our key demographics.

Property Management

Advenir Living is a Miami-based full-service property management company with regional offices in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Houston and Orlando. Advenir Living does not participate in any 3rd party management and exists exclusively to ensure each Advenir investment achieves or exceeds the underwritten proforma of net operating income and investor returns.

  • Vertically Integrated – self-managed
  • Culture Driven Approach: Execution of strong core values
  • Strong focus on day-to-day on-site operations, financial performance, technologically advanced strategies, and comprehensive market analysis.