Advenir acquires, develops and operates multi-family & single-family rental communities on behalf of high net worth and institutional investors. Founded in 1996, Advenir, LLC. is a Real Estate Investment Company headquartered in Aventura, Florida (Miami-Dade) with over two decades of proven track record across multiple real estate cycles. Advenir has seen 50 fully realized investments with an average multiple on capital of 2.27x and average annualized net investor returns of 23.6% over an average hold period of 5.2 years.


Fully Realized Investments


Apartment units since inception


Units across 47 communities in our current portfolio


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Core Value


Integrity always does the right thing, even when no one is watching. It always upholds Advenir’s beliefs and values. It always does for others as you would want them to do for you.

Advenir invests directly alongside our investors in every Advenir investment.

The Advenir investment structure has no asset management fees and is focused on back-end participation; promoting Win-Win investments.

Advenir utilizes a highly selective investment process with a strong focus on macro-economic factors.

  • 400+ deals underwritten per year with <1% of deals screened becoming acquired.

Exceed Expectations


Winning is the on-going pursuit of excellence, not mediocrity. It consistently delivers great results exceeding internal benchmarks, industry standards, and customer expectations.

  • Advenir is vertically integrated with a robust in-house property management company that exclusively manages Advenir investments and does not participate in 3rd party management; Implementing superior attention to detail and refinement of property level performance.
  • We exercise aggressive in-house executive level asset management to maximize efficiency while facilitating the business plan.

Proven Track Record


  • 50 fully realized investments
  • 2.05x Equity Multiple
  • 24.2% average annualized net investor return
  • 4.5 years – average hold period